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The Beginning

Girl 108 began with Dina, who began designing jewelry about 5 years ago.  What started as a hobby, slowly evolved into a passion that naturally progressed to align with her yoga practice. As an Ashtanga Yoga practitioner,  she became interested in meditation, which is when her design interests shifted to Mala making. 

Enter Megan, Dina's daughter, who brings forth her sales and marketing background as well as a flair for fashion and design.  She is committed to shift the company from a labor of love into a thriving tribe of like-minded women.  After years of watching her mother create beautiful jewelry, she knew it needed to be shared with the world.

The name Girl 108 kept calling Dina, and although she was already building another brand, she ultimately decided, that with Megan's help, she would answer the calling and follow her dream to begin Girl 108.

Girl 108 uses materials that are not only pleasing to the eye, but that have a deeper, profound meaning.  We love the natural aroma of sandalwood beads and the texture of Rudraksha, as well as what they represent.  The gemstones we choose also cultivate a sense of peace and love, and are carefully selected from all over the world.  You will find that each piece is hand made and has its own special meaning.

The number 108 represents many things.  It is an auspicious number and is the number of beads on a Mala.  It's also the time of Dina's birth - many moons ago!

We keep coming back to the notion that we are all Girl 108.  We are all spiritual, soulful, peaceful, beautiful women.  Welcome to Girl 108!




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